How to use a Still Smiths Backdrop.

How to use a Still Smiths Backdrop.

Using photography backdrops is a brilliant way to enhance the look of your photographs, create a style for your brand and to create efficiency when you need to work quickly through different sets (we all know we need to feed the social content monster, the more pics the better right?). Whether you are a professional photographer or taking DIY photographs for your small business, here are the steps to use a photography backdrop:

Choose a backdrop colour and style: Select a backdrop that will compliment your product, the style of your photographs and one that will attract your target audience. You can select from various colours or patterns that range from modern to nostalgic vintage.

Prepare your backdrop: Un-roll your backdrop and lay it flat for a couple of minutes before taping it to a wall or shooting on it from overhead (flatlay). Our backdrops lay flat quickly, however, they may still need a minute if they have been rolled up tightly in storage.

Set up your backdrop: Once you have selected your backdrop, set it up on a table or floor that provides enough space around it for your equipment such as lights or reflector boards. When using a vinyl or canvas backdrop, you can attach it to a stand using clamps or tape it to a wall (pictured).
Our backdrops can be used to compliment each other or to clash (in a cool way). You may choose to use one backdrop when shooting a flatlay or you can use two backdrops to create a set. One backdrop will act as a wall surface and the other backdrop will become a bench/tabletop surface.
Adjust the lighting: Good lighting is essential for getting the most out of your backdrop. You can use natural light or artificial lighting, but make sure it is consistent and evenly distributed across the backdrop (lighting needs its own blog post - stay tuned!).
Place your product on the surface: Once your backdrop and lighting are in place, it's time to add your product and compliment it with suitable props, risers, plinths or ingredients. 
Take your photograph: With your product in position, take the photo. You can experiment with camera different angles to get the best shot and remember to capture as many details about your product as possible. Our backdrops are suitable for smartphone cameras and professional cameras
TIP: If you need to capture multiple products and you need consistency for online store listings, we suggest you 'frame up' (choose an appropriate composition) and lock down the camera on a tripod. This way your hands are free and you can add products or change backgrounds quickly while maintaining the same image composition.
Postproduction: After you've taken the photo, you can edit it in post production software to enhance the colours, adjust the brightness, or remove any imperfections.
Using Still Smiths photography backdrops is a fun and creative way to elevate your photographs and to create content that is consistent with your brand. With the right props, lighting, and composition, you can create beautiful and professional-looking images.
Your online store will thank you for it!
Carli & Pip x


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